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Semmelweis University is a leading institution of higher education in Hungary and the Central European region within the area of medicine and health sciences. Its main commitment is based on the integrity of education, research and healing, which make Semmelweis University an internationally renowned center of knowledge.

Semmelweis University is one of the country’s largest health care institutions. Its patient care institutes and departments treat around 200,000 outpatients and nearly 12,000 inpatients a month in 4 main clinical centers.

The Faculty of Health and Public Administration’ Institute of Mental Health is the first and only Hungarian university organizational unit that was established by Semmelweis University to deal with mental health care and prevention.

Why MBBS in Semmelweis ?

Semmelweis University's Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry is the largest medical and dental school in Hungary. Together, more than six thousand students study at the two faculties. More than 50 percent of the students come to Semmelweis University from abroad.

Semmelweis University is highly international with 13,000+ students from 110 countries across 5 continents. It maintains connections with 200+ foreign institutions in Europe, Asia, and the Americas for various collaborative endeavors.
Semmelweis is among the top 250 universities in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) 2023 world rankings, the highest ranked Hungarian higher education institution In the best 250.

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is another prominent feature of the University of Pécs that has been at the disposal of researchers, students and business partners since 2005. Its mission is to efficiently integrate the knowledge base of our university into innovation processes, thus making use of research and development results and inventions as innovations that bring real value to the economy and the society.

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