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Poznan University of Medical Sciences is a prominent Polish medical university, located in the city of Poznań in western Poland. It traces its beginnings to the foundation of Poznań University in 1919, and was formed as a separate institution in 1950. It gained the status of university in 2007.

Hands-on approach, contact with patients and intensive clinical immersion

We realize that effective learning is based on hands-on experience. This is why we implement cadaver labs, clinical rotations with patients, practice with standardized patients and medical simulation from the earliest possible stages of the training.

Free of charge counseling and psychological services

CAPS -- Counseling and Psychological Services - support students, their performance and well-being during their time at PUMS. Studying abroad and leaving one's support network back home can be difficult. This is why English-speaking psychologists and advisors are available to our international students free of charge all year long.

Research Centers & Institutes

Why MBBS in Poznan ?

Facts and Figures:
High success rate in medical licensing exams and employability
USMLE passing rates statistics.
Residency match rate in the USA: 2017- 45%, 2018 - 45%, 2019 - 60%, 2020 - 63%, 2021 - 36%, 2022 - 61%, 2023 - 85% (source: NRMP).
No. 1 in LEK Polish Medical Licensing Examination results.
90% overall passing rate for medical licensing exams in Taiwan.
96% overall passing rate for dental licensing exams in Taiwan.

Highly-Qualified Professors & Staff
More than 1,500 employees of the School are teaching and research staff.  A majority of our faculty have received Ph.D. and post-graduate degrees, and they hold the titles of professor or assistant professor in: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and other areas of science. Many of them are also members of international scientific societies and committees as renowned specialists in their fields, as well as national expert consultants.

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