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The Medical University of Warsaw is one of the oldest and the largest medical school in Poland. The first academic department of medicine was created in 1809. It is one of the most prestigious schools of medical science affiliated with a number of large hospitals in Poland.

The Medical University of Warsaw has managed to establish a recognized international position in research, both in clinical and theoretical medicine. The University has scientific research cooperation with many universities and research institutions in Europe, especially Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Great Britain.

At present this cooperation is also being developed with other foreign partners from Europe, USA, Canada and Asia – China and Japan. Research projects are conducted and developed in clinical medicine in: oncology, nephrology, transplantology, cardiology, hematology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, dermatology, neurology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, urology, as well as in theoretical medicine (histology, immunology, anatomy, biology, pharmacology and physiology)

Why MBBS in MUW ?

The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) is a top ranking medical university in Poland. MUW is a modern academic institution and dynamic research center that specializes in clinical studies and theoretical medicine. Its study programs are delivered by outstanding medical professionals using modern teaching techniques in accordance with the European quality assurance standards. MUW graduates are well equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to practice medicine almost anywhere in the world.

Research Centers & Institutes

  • – Medical Board of California
  • – Malaysian Medical Council
  • – Medical Council of Thailand

Practical medical training at:

  • – 6 clinical teaching hospitals
  • – affiliated teaching hospitals
  • – Medical Simulation Centre

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| Medical University of Warsaw (wum.edu.pl)

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