CEO's Message!

It gives me tremendous pleasure to introduce myself as ARSA's CEO. First of all, I want to thank you all for your trust on ARSA. I am overjoyed to announce that, with the help of Almighty Allah, we have already enjoyed 13 years of dazzling success in this industry, which I founded back in 2010. The ambition behind the tagline of my firm is “Step to the best future”.

Asif Raza

CEO & Founder

Asif Raza (CEO & Founder)

We are offering our services through this platform to make Pakistani citizens a significant addition to recognized foreign institutions. We want to give our students a supportive and welcoming environment so they can pursue their enthusiasm for studying abroad. With this goal in mind, we have joined hands with numerous famous institutes worldwide to bring out the best for our students and fulfill every one of their dreams. We believe in mentoring students and enrolling them in top-ranked universities around the world in accordance with their career paths.

Meet Our Corporate Team

Ms. Fiza Irshad

International Coordinator

Ms. Mehwish Rasheed

International Co-ordinator

Ms. Nabeela Ghafar

Head of Visa Dpt.

Mr. Muhammad Muzammil

Office Management