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& Society - France

Aivancity is a school with a mission in the sense of the Pact Law (the first in French higher education), with an educational purpose and commitment to employability, diversity, responsibility, territorial anchoring, and city openness.

This followed law is an essential element for this institute because it places the school at the heart of values and missions.

The institute's hybrid positioning (Technology/Business/Ethics) distinguishes it in France and, more broadly, in Europe.

Its Artificial intelligence division is well-known throughout Europe. It is a school with an outstanding governing body and a diverse and international faculty. AIVANCITY, School for Technology, Business, and Society, places the commitments of employability, diversity, responsibility, territorial anchoring, and openness to the city at the heart of its statutes.

The school has the following goals for international students:

  • It provides financial assistance to international students without regard to their origin, based solely on the student's excellent knowledge.
  • It provides students with the best practical knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data.
  • Establish partnerships with the best institutions to ensure that all students benefit from the best international immersion during "learning trips."
  • Form international collaborations with organizations that promote a responsible approach to AI and data.
  • Assist international students in feeling at ease at Aivancity and working in multicultural groups.

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