Study Abroad Expo 2024: Biggest Expo In The History Of Sargodha By ARSA Study VISA Consultants

We are delighted to share some highlights from our Sargodha expo with our students. It was a fantastic experience, and we appreciate Sargodha for the warm response!We are very thankful to the students and their guardians for joining us in the expo.

Aim: To Educate Every Student for Study Abroad.
Main Topics. Study, Work, Live, PSW.
Destinations: Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria.

Q/A Session.

Assessment of Your Profile,
How to Avoid Fraudulent Aspects
How to Choose Country, University & Program.
How to Manage Bank Statement,
Source of Income How to Prepare for University and Embassy Interview.

Arsa Study Consultants

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