ARSA CEO's Message 4 -

About Our Team!

Our experienced staff and agents have been working for several years in this field, enabling them to understand and handle potential problems that may arise while applying for studying abroad.  The ambition behind the tagline of my firm is “Step to the best future”.

Asif Raza (CEO & Founder)

Marketing Department

Ms. Fiza Irshad
International Co-ordinator
Mr. Javed Iqbal
Marketing Assistant
Mr. Roshan Ali
Graphic Designer
Mr. Saddam Hussain
Digital Marketing

Admission Department

Ms. Tayyaba Khalil
Head of Admission
Ms. Tayyaba Aslam
Admissions Assistant
Ms. Maham Arshad
Documents Manager
Ms. Namra Tehseen
Assistant Admissions

VISA Department

Ms. Nabeela Ghafar
Head of Visa Dpt.
Ms. Naila Khalid
Admin Assistant
Ms. Amna Abbas
Documents Manager
Ms. Faiza Saddiqa
Admin Assistant

Counseling Department

Ms. Muzna Zaidi
Head of Counsellors
Ms. Isma Irshad
Student Counselor
Ms. Wajeeha Alamgir
Student Counselor
Ms. Laraib Sajjad
Student Counselor
Ms. Wajeeha Tariq
Student Counselor
Ms. Hafsa Noor
Student Counselor

English Department

Ms. Mehwish Rasheed
International Co-ordinator
Ms. Saba Mureed
Admin Assistant

Office Management

Mr. Muhammad Rizwan
Office Assistant
Mr. Muhammad Muzamil
Office Assistant

Account Department

Mr. Muhammad Awais